Clear Aligners to Correct an Overbite

If you have an overbite, it can be easily corrected with the use of clear aligners. Having an overbite can affect both your speech and your appearance. Plus, it can make it harder for you to chew food properly. Whether you have a severe or a mild condition, you can have it treated. With clear aligners, you can treat conditions caused by skeletal problems and misaligned teeth. Keep reading to find out more about treating this often-painful issue.


What is an overbite?

This oral health issue happens when the teeth on the upper part of the jaw overlap the bottom ones. Many people do have a small amount of overbite naturally. This means that the upper teeth might protrude from the lower ones by just two to four millimeters. But with severe overbites, the teeth might stick out by four to six millimeters. A severe one does need treatment.


About horizontal overbites

A dentist may diagnose a horizontal overbite when the upper teeth stick out too far over the bottom ones. This can happen if the upper teeth are too far forward. It can also happen when the upper jaw is too far in front of the lower one. Clear aligners will work to fix the jaw position.


About vertical overbites

This might be diagnosed when the upper teeth extend too far down on the bottom teeth. It is normal for the upper teeth to overhang a bit. But if there is a significant overhang, it needs to be treated. That will prevent cracking and excessive tooth wear.


Do clear aligners help?

The good news is that yes, clear aligners will help fix an overbite. Any kind of overbite can develop from sucking on a thumb or pacifier in childhood. Tongue thrusting is another culprit of overbites. Adults, children, and teens can all have overbites from chewing on objects like pens or nails. If there are jaw problems the patient might need to have rubber bands as well.


Fixing an overbite with aligners

The way that clear aligners work is by putting consistent pressure on the patient’s teeth. That will move them to the right places. That will fix moderate or mild overbites while straightening out the teeth. But to work well, individuals will need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day. That means that these need to be worn during the night and should only come out for cleaning and eating.


Visit a dentist for clear aligners today

One reason why so many people opt for clear aligners is that these are nearly invisible. You can also take out the trays, which means you can eat what you want during your treatment. It is also easier for you to clean the teeth without the trays in. You might be able to get a faster treatment in some cases. Making a consultation appointment with a dentist is your first step toward getting a better bite with your teeth. Request an appointment here: https://www.petersmrecekdds.com or call Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc. at (949) 759-8606 for an appointment in our Newport Beach office.

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