How Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc. is Implementing Infection Control Guidelines for Emergency Dental Visits During COVID-19

How Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc. is Implementing Infection Control Guidelines for Emergency Dental Visits During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes to the way businesses provide their services as infection control becomes the top priority. Many dentists are currently only providing emergency dental care as per the recommendations of the American Dental Association.

A dental emergency is an oral problem that requires immediate treatment. Common examples of issues that require immediate dental care include knocked out teeth, tooth/gum infection, periodontal disease, loose teeth, severely broken teeth and loose restorations.


How Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc. is handling infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus is currently thought to spread mainly through airborne droplets. This type of transmission is unlikely to occur over long distances, but it can occur when people are in close proximity to one another. The coronavirus is able to survive in aerosols for a few hours and it can stay on surfaces for days. Medical experts also think it might be possible to spread the virus while being asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.

Infection control is crucial for dental clinics during this pandemic since dentistry involves using hand-held devices, like air-water syringes and ultrasonic scalers. Using  these devices creates a spray that contains droplets of debris, germs, blood, saliva and water. The spatter does not travel far, as it typically lands around the operating area.

At Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc., we protect our employees and patients by wearing surgical masks during interactions with patients and while performing treatments. Masks protect the mouth and nose from droplet spatter, but it does not offer full protection against inhaling infectious agents in the air.

Our practice will also fight the coronavirus by advising employees and patients who are experiencing flu-like symptoms to quarantine themselves at home.



Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc. may also be providing teledentistry using video conferencing, phone calls, emails and text messages. It allows dentists to diagnose patients and offer advice on treatment options without either party having to expose themselves.

Doing so limits the number of people who show up at the clinic needing emergency care.


Spaced out appointments

Our practice will also be spacing out appointment times to limit the number of people in the waiting room. Items in the waiting room will be disinfected regularly during our hours of operation to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Patients will also have the option of sitting in their vehicles after checking in if they prefer.


Pre-appointment screenings

Patients will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before their appointment. This will be done over video conferencing to minimize the risk of infection. Anyone with symptoms of the coronavirus is advised to hold off treatment until three days after all of their symptoms are gone. Patients might also be screened for COVID-19 when they check-in at the clinic.


Get the dental care you need

Call or visit our Newport Beach clinic if you need emergency dental care. We are also providing teledentistry services for those with less serious issues.

Request an appointment here: https://www.petersmrecekdds.com or call Peter T. Smrecek Jr. DDS Inc. at (949) 759-8606 for an appointment in our Newport Beach office.

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