Tips For Getting Used To Dentures

Tips For Getting Used To Dentures

Acquiring new dentures may initially result in some discomfort. If you find it awkward at the beginning, learning how to adapt to dentures becomes essential. The advantage is that you can still achieve a smile makeover without compromising on comfort. Our experienced professionals can guide you through the process with their expertise, ensuring a trustworthy experience.


Tips for Getting Used to Dentures


Do not set unrealistic goals

Initially, it is customary for dentures to feel unfamiliar. It is natural to feel self-conscious about adjusting to speaking and eating normally while wearing dentures. Mild discomfort during these activities may occur, but it is only temporary. Practicing patience is crucial after receiving new dentures as the transition is not instantaneous. It is common to experience slight soreness, which can be easily addressed during your dentist’s appointment. Additionally, it is advisable to remove your dentures every four hours to allow your jaw and gums to acclimate. To begin with, focus on consuming more nutritious foods rather than heavily processed meals. Start with soft foods and gradually progress to harder items like apples or red meat. Rest assured, with experience, expertise, and professional advice, you will adapt to wearing dentures effortlessly.



Experienced speech therapists recommend that music is a valuable tool for speech improvement. When you receive new dentures, make a daily effort to sing along to music. Implementing techniques such as gradually singing effortless phrases can assist in your adjustment to speaking certain words without perceiving any hindrance from your dentures.


Exercise Your Cheeks

The buccinator muscles in your cheeks play a crucial role in guiding food before swallowing. Just like exercising any other part of your body, these muscles can be strengthened over time to improve meal control. If you experience consistent pain in your cheeks, it may be due to misaligned dentures. We recommend scheduling an appointment with an experienced dentist for further evaluation and treatment.


Try Adhesives

Consult with your dentist to determine the most effective dental creams and adhesives available, and evaluate them to find the most suitable option for you. Applying small amounts can offer substantial relief from irritation. It is important to note that adhesives are not a solution for misaligned dentures. For a better fit, seek guidance from your dentist.


Follow Your Recommended Schedule

It is crucial that patients adhere consistently to their prescribed treatment plans in order to effectively acclimate to wearing dentures. Each individual’s healing process following teeth extraction varies, and symptoms may differ as well. Mild aches immediately after the procedure are normal and should subside soon. The adjustment period for dentures, whether partial or full, may take some time due to changes in the gum line. It is highly recommended to follow the prescribed medication regimen to minimize any discomfort that may arise during this transition. As experienced professionals in the field, we provide this advice to ensure a smooth and successful adaptation to dentures.


Final Note

Maintaining consistent dental appointments, especially in the initial months after receiving your dentures, is paramount to ensure their longevity and functionality. While you’re enjoying the benefits of your new teeth, remember that practicing good oral hygiene at home and regular check-ups are indispensable.

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